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Three Surprising Factors That Can Cause a Fall


Every year, around one-third of individuals over the age of 65 falls. Fall prevention is something that many families and senior care providers like Royal Care I, strive to keep their elderly loved ones safe and healthy. However, there are various unnoticed fall-causing factors that families miss. These include:

  1. Some Medications

    Several of our home health care patients require skilled medication management services to keep track of their prescriptions. Patients frequently are unaware that medications or a combination of medicines can create symptoms that can lead to falls and accidents.

  2. Undiagnosed Foot Issues

    Treating foot problems before they become more serious can be the key to preventing fall-related injuries and accidents in the elderly.

  3. Vision Changes/Problems

    Regular eye exams can help detect vision changes and problems before they cause injury or harm. An ophthalmologist can advise you on treatments and therapies to help you avoid vision impairments or correct existing vision difficulties, minimizing your risk of falling or tripping.

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