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Have You Thought About Seeking Respite Care?


As caregivers, you assist in caring for patients as they face both large and small situations. Your everyday chores can range from driving your loved ones to appointments and social activities to aiding them with dressing and cooking meals. But what if you need to take a break or wish to go on a vacation? Do you know who to entrust your caregiver duties to?

Respite care is a momentary break from daily caregiving responsibilities. You may relax as your loved one receives expert support and care in a secure setting, and, depending on your and your family’s needs, services and assistance can range from a few hours to a few months.

Companionship for social interactions and supervised activities are examples of respite services. Respite care also offers housekeeping, such as washing and meal preparation, and personal care services, such as bathing, dressing, and exercising. Finally, professional home health aides in Tampa, Florida, provide specialized care services such as medication administration, infusions, and more.

Respite care offers benefits for primary caregivers, like:

  • Strengthening your relationships with your loved one, both inside and outside your caregiver relationship
  • Making your health and well-being a priority
  • Engaging in social activities guilt-free — for both you and your loved one!

Allowing yourself a break and asking for help from your family, friends, or a home health agency in Florida when you need it shows that you care about yourself.

When you or your loved one could use a break, or if you suspect you’re suffering from caregiver burnout, consider the respite care options at Royal Care I. We would be more than happy to be able to extend our help.

We could also help you with your staffing & recruitment processes.

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