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Assisting Seniors with Hoarding Problems


Seeing your loved one collect things—with most objects being unnecessary and in large quantities—can be worrying, but won’t really compel you to do something about it given that they might just be bored. However, you need to start drawing the line when such behavior can put their health and safety at risk.

The Home Health Agency in Florida defines hoarding as the behavior of older adults who compulsively buy and save objects despite already having overwhelming amounts of stuff at home. Some of the causes behind hoarding could be dementia, depression, OCD, or due to a past traumatic event. Part of our home health care program is acknowledging problems, despite how trivial they may seem at first.

Seniors often insist that their possessions are useful for future events, or place great sentimental value on them. Hoarding can be dangerous because it increases fall risks, food poisoning, and problems with hygiene. Additional adverse side effects include fire hazards and refusal of home help because they don’t like anyone touching their belongings.

Our home health aides in Tampa, Florida deal with this kind of case with patience and compassion, but we would still recommend family members have the patient consult a doctor. Most persistent mental health issues won’t go away on their own and therefore need professional help. Our caregivers can assist senior patients in going to therapy.

Other than Personal Care for your loved ones in the comfort of your home, we also offer staffing & recruitment services here at Royal Care I.

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